How to prepare your car for shipping abroad

How to prepare your car for shipping abroad

When you ship your car abroad there is always a risk that your vehicle will suffer a little damage. But it is very important to remember that less than 5% of the vehicles transported hold measurable damage. To minimize the risk of transporting your car we have compiled this guide to help you understand how to prepare your car for transportation.

Before you send

Before sending your car make sure you check any damage to the vehicle and then document it so that you have proof of any problems presented. You can do this by following these steps.

Wash your laundry thoroughly.

Write a written disc of some villages scratches chips or other visible damage.

Take pictures of the car from different angles ensuring that you get close ups of possible damage already on the vehicle.

Make sure you have the data sources so that they can be used as proof if needed.

Make sure the carrier makes an official notification of existing damage.

Remove personal items and custom products

While your vehicle is being transported it must be inspected loaded and unloaded several times during the journey which means that it is likely to be unlocked. To reduce the risk of theft we strongly recommend removing all peripherals such as custom stereo systems GPS systems radio front panels removable CD players and all video DVD players.

Also do not pack your vehicle with personal items as it may cause your vehicle to be refused for transportation. This is because carriers do not have permission to transport personal items attempts to send personal items may cause penalties and delays. If you happen to ship personal items with your vehicle and they are not noticeable they may cause major damage to your vehicle during its transit as the items may change during vehicle travel and then damage inside your vehicle.

Preparing your car for transportation

While your car may not be running a lot during the trip it needs a good driving condition inaccessible vehicles can be shipped but the carrier must be aware that the vehicle is unusable so that they can prepare before picking up your car this may lead to delayed delays and charges but when you ship your vehicle because the carrier needs to use special equipment to charge your vehicle because it can not be driven.

But problems can cause invisible delays and damage to your vehicle during its charging. There are some things you can do before your vehicle is taken up to make sure you reduce the risk of this.

Make sure you have fully charged the battery before downloading.

Make sure all liquids in the vehicle are filled in.

Make sure your vehicle only has 4 to 8 full tank of gas or gasoline which can help save weight on your vehicle.

Be sure to keep track of your vehicle for at least 2 weeks before downloading to look for leaks or problems so that you can tell the driver so that he can inform the shipper.

Be sure to document any mechanical problems that may arise and then send them to your driver.

Preparing your vehicle for on and off loading

Now that you prepare your car for transportation its a good idea to remember that the better you prepare your car for transportation the less likely it will cause damage delays or additional costs when it is shipped. If the vehicle you ship is a convertible ensure that the tip is secured so that it can reduce as much damage from the elements as possible. If you can not secure your convertible it is highly recommended that you add an additional safety layer as windproof tarp.

Also make sure you rewind your mirrors and pull in your antenna. Any special products such as ground effects spoilers or fog lights should be removed in the end it is recommended that you disable your car alarm. If you can not deactivate the alarm you must enter written instructions on how to turn off the alarm if it is triggered.

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